How to Incorporate Your Custom Workout Plan into Group Training

How to Incorporate Your Custom Workout Plan into Group Training

The best part of working with an affordable personal trainer in San Jose is receiving a personalized fitness experience. Through monthly memberships, Lift Pro Fitness in California and our fitness trainers make sure clients have the guidance they need to slowly work toward their goals. But even with your custom workout plan, you can still use that experience while participating in our group fitness classes.

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Choose the Right Group Fitness Class

When you launch into a group fitness training schedule, it’s important to look at our Lift Pro Fitness schedule ahead of time to find the right one to start out with. Read through the different options we have — including Booty N Abs, MRT Conditioning, and Tabata — and find the right one that aligns with your existing personalized workout plan.


Communicate with the Group Instructor

Before joining any of our workout classes, or right before the class starts, consult with the instructor. Share your custom workout plan with them, including any specific exercises recommended by your personal trainer. Our instructors are knowledgeable and accommodating, and they will provide alternatives or guidance to help you maintain the integrity of your workout plan within the class structure.


Focus on Your Goals

During group fitness classes, it's essential to stay focused on your personal goals. While the Lift Pro Fitness instructor guides the class as a whole, make sure to maintain proper form and intensity for the exercises that align with your custom workout plan. This will optimize the benefits and progress toward your specific goals, regardless of what everyone else is doing around you.


Modify Where Necessary

If certain exercises in a group training environment might exacerbate any existing injuries or limitations, don't hesitate to modify them. Our instructors can assist you with finding appropriate modifications or alternatives that still challenge you and align with your goals.

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